Nautilus Submarine

Although the DisneySub administrator no longer has time to moderate an active discussion board, The entire DisneySub Forum database is now available on CD. Our CD-ROM disk will play on any computer and displays the articles and images in Adobe PDF format.
  • Our CD contains the world's largest repository of Disney Nautilus Information.
  • A "Must Have" for the model builder considering scratch building the Nautilus.
  • Included are 200 original studio Nautilus Plans and Blueprints in high resolution.
  • Our PDF Articles contain "How To" guides on all types of Nautilus model building.
  • Trivia information on how the Nautilus operated abounds on our Forum CD!
  • The studio blueprints have numerous errors, our PDF Articles helps correct them.
  • Everything you need to know about "Everything" about the Disney Nautilus!
The DisneySub Forum CD is an excellent resource for not only model builders, but for students of the 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea movie and lovers of the Nautilus submarine as well. Try the sample Disney Nautilus PDF articles located below our CD's Navigation Menu screenshot.

Choose from 700 Nautilus Articles in 7 different categories.

The 200 studio blueprints are included to cross reference
observations in our Articles to the actual Disney blueprints.

Our Image Library folder has multiple categories. The "big photos"
folder contain giant resolution pictures and the "regular photos" folder
houses our standard 400 pixel wide pictures included in our Articles.
Over 3,600 Nautilus images separately detached and 6,000 Nautilus
images inside the PDF Articles. All rare and collectable.

Here is a view of one of the photo folders. Use the Sideshow feature
on your computer to watch over 3,600 Nautilus display one after the other!

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